Teqa is one of New York’s best Tequila bars

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By Lesly Casseus


If  you’re not in the Hamptons during the week because you’re putting in work at that 9 to 5, right?! Well, it’s time to hit the streets at 5:01. It may not be the Hamptons but Teqa located between 30th & 31st offers a bit of an oasis away from the city. Murray Hill is coming up, thanks to the creative mind of Derek Axelrod. This laid back, chic ambiance, paired with a variety of traditional Mexican delectables is the perfect place to wind down after a long day’s work.


Finally a restaurant that offers real margaritas! I don’t know if it’s because I’m from the Caribbean or what, but I am so tired of the sour mix after taste! Teqa prides themselves in using 100% agave spirits and fresh squeezed citrus juices and WOW you can taste the difference. Tommy’s House Margarita is a must have! The menu ranges from savory tacos, to pulled bbq chicken quesadillas, to oven roasted Mahi Mahi. There is something for everyone. They even have great vegetarian options!

Teqa has a unique vibe. Lesly Zamor did an amazing job of designing the space to exude sexiness, warmth, and entertainment. If you like authentic food, drinks, great happy hour specials, after hour dancing and socializing with a sexy crowd then go check it out! This urban Aztec restaurant/lounge is next hot spot.




Source Teqa