Buben & Zorweg’s Titan safe (video)


The radically innovative interpretation of the “Safe” topic – designed, developed and manufactured by BUBEN&ZÖRWEG. A unique and elegant object that presents itself as an object of art in any discerning ambiance. The heavyweight (650 kg) among the safes has got it all (well-protected): Tried and tested Kaba technology guarantees top security in full compliance with the VDS IV Standard.

The signature clock from BUBEN&ZÖRWEG, the high-end hi-fi system and the perfect execution of craftsmanship do nothing to indicate at first glance that what is offered here first and foremost is security. The code pad of the Paxos® lock is only revealed when the extravagantly designed handle is pushed to one side. When it is opened, the interior glides impressively forwards and a sophisticated rotary mechanism reveals 30 TIME MOVER® units cast in brilliant LED light in a secret rotating compartment.




Source Buben& Zorweg