As it pertains to Valentine’s Day (what men should know)

By Andrea

Ok men, Valentine’s Day is today and you know you’re going to have to do something… even if you have decided as a couple that it’s a stupid holiday that was concocted solely for the Hallmark Corporation.  Trust me, she wants you to do something, however small.  Ignoring things entirely is not an option.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Here’s the thing about V-Day. It’s an occasion where you can do things at your own pace, so long as you do something.  Know that dinner, a card, candy, and the like are all great but it doesn’t have be that cookie-cutter.  Just do something special that she will appreciate – like clean her apartment or pay her rent.  I kid, I kid.

In all sincerity, though, doing something special for your lady will only be well received so go ahead and put your best foot forward.  Be mindful, though, that your gift will be judged by her and her friends so don’t go doing something crazy like getting her a ring if you aren’t ready for what a gift like that may mean in her head. This is super serious and marriage is on the horizon.  Not that she would definitely think that, but I swear one of her friends will and then she will start wondering.  Also, don’t give her a gag card if you and she have something very special.  She may think you are more casual than you are and again, one of her friends…

So what are some very nice but not overly cheesy gift ideas?  Maybe a bottle of dessert wine and some cupcakes would be fun.  You don’t have to invest a great deal of dinero and it’s still a very sweet gesture.  “I know we said we weren’t going to celebrate but I thought this would be nice just because it’s Tuesday.”  If you belong to the same gym or yoga studio,maybe you can schedule a private session with you and your girl.  My yoga studio offers private hot yoga classes and that could be fun to do together. Give her the voucher on Valentine’s Day and call it an evening.  Maybe you cook dinner at your place and do all of the dishes.

Whatever you do should fun be for the two of you and it will be special as long as you’re together. Just do something.  Women like to be taken care of and pampered but it’s hard in this world. Everyone works,everyone could have more money and time, everyone has responsibilities.  But make sure to take a moment to show her you care and go a little out of your way for her.  She’s worth it.

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